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Dear readers,


Every week you’ll be treated to a Raptors-centric but all-things NBA blog. The grand plan to launch was nearly diverted by 1.2684% of basketball related income, but thankfully David Stern’s nuclear winter will wait for the next CBA.


Two torn labrums, a bum ankle, an ogre-ish 6’6 frame and a Chartered Accountant designation.

Accounting is great.

Just great.


Relatively major obsession with the NBA

Who else do you know will watch the first half of the late Warriors-Kings game, PVR the second half because 11:42pm is far past his bed time, and wake up 10 minutes early the next day to see if DeMarcus Cousins put up a double double?


a)    Elementary school – legend of the Jewish day school day circuit. From there I took my talents to:

b)   High school. No – I didn’t get more than 9 minutes a game on the Varsity team. Yes – the home crowd referred to me as Screech for my Jew-fro. But who was the only white guy on those athletic Vaughan Road Vipors? – you guessed it.

c)    University of Guelph – can someone say “worked-out-with-the-Varsity-team-in-the-summer-and-got-honorable-mention-for-almost-making-the-team-by-the-coach?”

Unique perspective

I aint a mainstream media outlet with antiquated, results-based views. I aint the average blogger who’s just going to rip on a player because he had a 18pt, negative 3 rebound night (Andrea).

I’m honest, and I got some knowledge to back up my points.  Plus my vocabulary is expansive!


Join me as I embark on discovering what the Raptors need to do to secure a playoff berth, to analyze why Shaq will be a disaster on TNT, to convincing you that Taj Gibson is the freakin’ man, and to showing you that you haven’t read every possible perspective on the National Basketball Association.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the world’s first basketball fan’s NBA blog, but check out what I have to offer and see if ya dig. The posts will be concise, pointed, and sensual.


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