The New-Look Clippers

The Clippers - from fun to relevant. Image source:

Over the next few posts I’m going to select some intriguing teams to preview. Today we tackle the big-splashing Los Angeles Clippers.

Talk about a whirlwind in LA. First it’s Chris Paul to the Lakers, only to have the deal inexplicably nixed by the league. Then talks with the Clippers heated up, cooled, died, lingered, marinated, titillated, cooked and culminated in a blockbuster.

Was Gordon, Kaman, Aminu, Minnesota’s unprotected first round pick and my collection of Dominique Wilkins posters worth it?

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Opening Tip

Transition D-fense Founder

Dear readers,


Every week you’ll be treated to a Raptors-centric but all-things NBA blog. The grand plan to launch was nearly diverted by 1.2684% of basketball related income, but thankfully David Stern’s nuclear winter will wait for the next CBA.

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